Wednesday, June 27, 2007

5.6 on Richter scale

It's not my CGPA when I graduated.

It's also not the reading on Richter scale..

It's also not the quantum of bonus my company pays this year...

Seeing a doctor has never been such a pleasant like today. I was really in a happy mood walking out from the clinic. The blood test taken on Monday shows my cholesterol level at 5.6. Yes, I agree it's still in borderline (ideal level should be below 5.2) who cares if you don't agree, it's my body.

A month ago, my cholesterol level is 7.9 believe it or not which is way above the 6.2 high risk level scary gile, rasa tak lama je lagi akan menikmati nikmat dunia :-). My HDL (the good cholesterol) was ok at 1.21 (normal is above 1.03) while the LDL or the bad one was at 5.33 (below 2.58 is optimal). And triglycerides were 2.99 (below 1.70 is normal).

A month later, after avoiding seafoods makan le sikit2, like 5 biji kerang, seekor udang and no sotong in a month, santan-based gulai, internal organs like paru, hati, perut, jantung, buah pinggang jantung pisang excluded, no recycled oil for frying and substituting with lots of veges, beans, tofus and fruits, soy bean oil, zero exercise except for climbing up two-floor stairs and prescription from the doctor, these are the readings:

  • HDL cholesterol 1.43 (up by 18%)
  • LDL cholesterol 3.67 (down by 31%)
  • Triglycerides 1.09 (down by 63%)
  • TOTAL Cholesterol 5.6 (down by 14%)

Yihaaa! At least, it gives me some light...

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