Monday, February 26, 2007

Pregnant Male

My apartment was totally out of Astro for 5 straight days during the CNY break last week. I strongly believe that this was the cause of the transfer of Astro's programs to Measat-3. And calls to Astro's call center didn't make life any better.

They keep on denying this Measat-3 problem, saying that subscribers are not affected and they keep on blaming the building's equipment, my decoder or my white cable. All they could offer is to send a technician within 72 hours at RM50 cost (minimum - ini cost bukak file lah) and no compensation or rebate for this 72 hours of waiting with no service, or any refund if it's not my fault. Bodoh Astro!

Without much choice - due to the non existing of internal or external tv antenna - I could only watch TV1. Back to the old days, huh?! And not much changes lah in TV1 today compared to the day when Harjit Singh Hullon or Hashim Embi or Kamaruddin Ahmad were the anchor. Somehow, there's a blessing in disguise for me, at least. I watched this program about endangered species and one of them is seahorse.

Do you know that: In sea horses, the males become pregnant! Read here lah for more details. So funny to know that. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior? At least, something worth to learn from TV1 besides the TV Pendidikan program which no longer in existences <-- since now entertainment is god!

Just wonder if all ladybirds are females?!


X-Matters said...

And I had complained about the "Services currently not available" on Sunday!!! Poor you! At least you still get to watch RTM1 and some of the intellectually stimulating programmes still available there.
Hope this week is better for you.

nadya said...

same happend to me lah.. 23 channels cannot watch.sib baik travel n living, channel 8, star wotld & HBO ada.. kalau tak mmg mati akal.

bengong la astro.thank goodness nad balik kg onCNY weekend. sana still okay.. still guna measat1.

the TAGGING thingy tu..have to wait yea..still tgh pikir whats weird bout me..hehe. ada tapi tak cukup 6.

Anonymous said...

i've boycotted astro as its "no service" error message keeps popping-up whenever i want to watch astro -- when it's raining.....u know... ASTRO SUCKS!

spex-symbol said...

Astro memang SUCKS!!! and I just couldnt believe their attitude. They just dont want to admit their fault, not even put a apology notice for service disruption on their website.

After all Malaysians are not so tough lah like the Westeners who can sue anytime. Malaysians can easily forgive and forget if ones take proactive action to apologize and make peace.

I wonder if Lim Keng Yaik or any Minister watch Astro at home. One of them should make some noise.


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