Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's OK

Now, its ok to say "Hoi, pekak ke?" to a policeman. But, don't be to rude laa.. and we should set example to foreign tourists, especially this year and that we're living in harmony in this country. And think about how the policemen/women take care of the traffic flow to ensure we arrive in office on time.

But, sometimes I just wonder why every morning and every evening and sometimes every afternoon (read E-VE-RY... not occasionally or on special occasions) they have to take care the traffic flow?! Why bother to spend on traffic lights, to build highways, expressways, overhead bridge, bla bla bla when in the end we've to depend on policemen, when they're supposed to fight crimes or to plan and strategize on how to reduce crime rates, etc etc. Well, blame the Minister in charge - whose stupidity resulted in massive cost of repair works for the cracked MRR2 - for the poor planning and development of our traffic system.

So, be thankful to the policemen/women everytime you pass them at junctions (at least, thank them in your heart). But, if you ever see policemen/women like the one in this picture, shout out loud


freelunch2020 said...

hahahahhaha good pic~

zewt said...

very good pic indeed!

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