Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bumbu Bali

It was supposed to be a birthday treat/dinner for my friend. Earlier, I thought of having it at the revolving restaurant in Menara KL. Unfortunately, it has to be postponed for a week, due to some criteria not met. Fortunately, the location for dinner was also changed.... to a much better one!

It's Bumbu Bali, located in Bandar Puteri 1, Puchong (just across Giant). The food was lovely, the ambiance was so soothing and relaxing. The price, well I think it's just fair for the quality of the food and the place.

Anyway, we had...

Nasi Kuning with Kambing Bumbu.....RM21.50
Nasi with Cumi Metumis Petai.....RM25.00
Grilled Squid Salad.....RM12.00
Mojitto Lemon Grass Juice.....RM8.90
and.. hot coffee (not for me, but for my friend.. what laaa drink coffee here?!)
and... the mandarin orange... priceless they're free.

Everything's so nice especially the Lemon Grass juice. It's so refreshing and it just kills off the petai smell! And never in my life I had lemon grass dipped into my drinks :-O

When asked, my Indonesian friend said what we had weren't really Balinese foods but certainly they taste much better than foods in Bali!


suhaimi sulaiman said...

saya telah tagged anda

sila lawat

deOughtred said...

I'm not sure what are the weird things to do with myself... well, I still have the weekend to think about it kan?

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