Thursday, February 15, 2007

Government at Their Best

What picture is this?

This is not an ordinary tongue, this reflects the leaders and government of Malaysia.

First (well, after so many firsts actually), they cancelled the plan to extend text book loan scheme to all students next year, regardless their parents income.

'He' said, "Kita utamakan kepada yang memerlukan..yang tak perlu tak payahlah…Kita semua mesti juga menunjukkan kebolehan untuk berkorban.Nak didik anak-anak kenalah keluar duit kita sikit…tak kan kita nak harapkan selama-lamanya segalanya free belaka…tak ada masyarakat dalam negeri-negeri lain semuanya free belaka.. "

I say:
1. Well, it was tabled at the Parliament last year and was received well by the people. In fact, the government especially 'the one' who read out the Budget was given 'a pat on the back' for announcing such a lovely move (to help ease the burden for the people especially in this era of ever increasing inflation).

2. People didn't really expect the government make such move before. But, since it was announced (in the no lower level than the Parliament), people are looking forward towards it.

3. Didn't 'his' minister or 'his' minister's people make impact study or the consequences of extending the scheme to all students (referring to the additional RM104 million budget)? That guy or guys should be sacked!

4. The Parliament is the highest approval authority in the country. If 'he' can bluff (and make fun of) the Parliament, surely he could do much worse to the people.

And soon after, they cancelled the lucky draw prize of MyVi for the unlucky ones who change to MyKad. Again, people weren't hoping to get free stuff from the government laaa.. In fact, what laa MyVi to the people, if it's Rolls Royce or a US$50 million private jet, maybe the people will be so 'hadap' one.

But, for people... the principle is 'Janji tetap Janji', not 'Janji Tinggal Janji'. Is it true, KRU? Don't be munafiq! Is Islam Hadhari promoting lies?!

Cuba check lidah sekoq-sekoq, ada macam gambar atas tak? Rasanya tak kot, mungkin bercabang LIMA!!!

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Anonymous said...

blur liao. these days stuff approved by cabinet..any minister can just reject on the SPOT with no working paper etc

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