Monday, February 05, 2007

Out Of Malaysia - Putrajaya

I brought my Indonesian-Australian friend to Putrajaya last weekend, a place in Malaysia he never visited since he first set foot here 4 years ago. :-( We planned to spend around 2 hours there including lunch but ended up spending 4 hours, which we have to cancel window-shopping in Alamanda Mall.

It wasn't a good day for photography, though, as it was cloudy even at 1.30pm and my friend said I've to be on standby for his call on any sunny weekend to bring him to Putrajaya again for another round of photography session. And his impression later on... "I never felt like I'm in Malaysia, it's so beautiful..." and this comes from someone who has visited lots of countries in Asia and Europe.

For me, I've never appreciated Putrajaya this much before. Maybe I need a foreigner to convince me that it's something special! :-)

Later at night, we were in DiGi's concert, featuring Inul, Ella, Search and Radja. With Inul and Radja around, again we never thought that we were in Malaysia that night....

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