Saturday, January 20, 2007

Making Cars 101

Last month I blog about Naza's proposal to buy a stake in Proton, which I really feel they just don't have the capacity to take Proton to a higher level. And that it's just waiting the Government's time to go through their proposal, gather to listen to their presentation and to go through months-long evaluation stage. Just throw the proposal in the despatch boy's dustbin, not even have to shred it. [recap]

In the Star BizWeek today, the Naza top man (Nasimuddin Who?) pretty much confirms what I blogged. This is what he said...

C'mon! What on earth did you think you' sounds so great by saying that?! You think that statement qualifies you to buy a stake in Proton?! I'm not surprised if that comes from a young fresh graduate, who aspire to work in the national carmaker company, in his/her first stage interview. That statement may earn him/her a ticket to the second level interview but not pass the third stage with the CEO (am not sure if this is still a practice there).

Does he think that it's a holy great idea that could turn around Proton?! And that no one in Proton ever came out with the idea of platform sharing?! Can't he see from which platform that Wira, Satria, Putra, Perdana were built?

Emm... you can't expect much or something more brilliant from someone whose company never really built a car. Just rebadge from other makes, with little cosmetic change here and there and reduced taxes after those efforts qualify them as national car.

I just wonder how come newspapers Editors simply allow articles or interviews of such low quality and not mind-stimulating be published?! And didn't the interviewer/reporter challenge the interviewee on his/her statement?! I mean the 'fresh-grad standard' statement from someone who aspires to export 240,000 Proton cars when his current company couldn't export not even a single unit (nothing that I could remember of)!

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