Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Laugh Out Loud

Happy New Year 2007!!!

My theme for the year (err... one of them) is "Laugh Out Loud". Or maybe I restrict that to only day time, between end of office hour and sunset, and exclude the time driving from office to home because people will think I'm crazy for laughing in a car alone. Oh no.. that leaves me only few minutes, I guess, to laugh out loud.

Anyway, check out The Antics of Husin Lempoyang to help you laugh (silently) in office or in front of computer at night. Quote from the site: "Husin Lempoyang is a character in P Ramlee's Tiga Abdul movie. His cameo appearance is remembered for the line "Anam ribu dinar? WOW! Berniaga manusia lebih untung dari berniaga unta". Sometimes humour express a message better and less hurtful than saying it outright".

Some previews to the blog:

"My name is Khairy, but my friends call me Nori." [read]

"Cikgu suka main bola, tiap-tiap hari cikgu main bola; Perdana Menteri suka tidor, tiap-tiap majlis Perdana Menteri tidor" [read]

(remember Haji Bakhil?) "Khairy! Khairy, kamu punya pasallah rakyat marah dengan baba", kata Pak Lah pada Menantunya."Baba marah?", kata Khairy. "Kalau Baba marah, nanti kena jual?" "Taakkk! Tidak, Baba tidak marah", Pak Lah menjawab. "Juallah, Juallah apa kau nak?" [read]

This is the first time I promote a site in my blog, so it does mean something. Some of you will like it, some of you will find it sick.

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Husin Lempoyang said...

Ana pertama kali goggle nama ana dan terjumpa posting ente.

Terima kasih kerana datang. Ana banyak suka ente gumbira.

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