Sunday, January 14, 2007

50th Birthday Present for Malaysian

I think everyone knows that it's Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY2007) but not everyone think it as 2007 - Golden Jubilee of Malaysia. 50th birthday is a great milestone and each and everyone of Malaysian deserves a great birthday present. Are you still in search of what the country can do for you (on its 50th birthday)? Well, thanks to Air Asia, I got mine - but it's from a corporate company, not from Malaysia Inc.!

Although I've to endure almost 5-hour difficulty before my reservation iis confirmed, I manage to get RM175-round trip ticket to Jakarta. What a treat. The best thing, I get to meet my best friend whom I haven't met for 8 years - if God permits.

While the Government is busy promoting tourists to visit Malaysia, it just take a corporate company to stimulate Malaysian to go oversea. What a shame to the Government who's not seriously promoting domestic travel. And this trip would not be the last for me for the year. I'm still waiting for Air Asia to announce their fare to London! :-)

Going back to the Golden Jubilee of Malaysia, I don't see anything interesting this year for Malaysian. Everything is just the same. The Government rather invest in treating foreign tourists this year (on its 50th birthday) rather than treating its own countrymen. What a shame!
Read RantingsbyMM on "Its OUR Birthday, damn it!"

Oh ya! Few things one could consider as birthday gifts from the Government on the country's 50th birthday - 60% increase in toll on highways, or the self-flushed toilets around the city. At least I got mine already, which has nothing to do with the Government. Who cares its VMY2007, if it's cheaper to travel oversea than locally.


cinderellin said...

Hello! ;)

Tak tahan rasa tangan ni nak menaip jugak bagitau, I GOT THE RM175 TICKET TO JAKARTA TOO!!!
yeehoo.. erk! Alhamdulillah... :)

Tapi saya cuma akan ke sana bulan Ogos nanti, insyaAllah.

Tapi kan, setuju jugak dengan ayat notakaki awak yang terakhir tu. Hehee..

deOughtred said...


Kalau tak tahan tangan nak menaip, start le your own blog. Then, you'll feel numb pulak not knowing what to blog about. :-)

ANyway, drop me a note when your blog is up!

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