Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Food For Thought

I just don't get it. How could this made to the front page of a local newspaper?! It's the front page of Kosmo! 16-Jan.

Two questions:
1. Don't we have enough stories to tell to public? Or are the reporters lazy enough to 'korek'?
2. Are the reporters blind?! Although I'm not a big fan of Mawi, that guy on the cover page doesn't look like Mawi at all (to qualify the statement of 'Sebijik Mawi') and I won't be fooled to think he's Mawi.

1. Kosmo! is very much targeted at lower income and students readers, mainly because of its price. Is this sort of news or article we want them to read?! And we expect the people to be knowledgable (towards K-economy) with this sort of news/articles?!

2. If the Kosmo! reporters are blind enough to see that the guy doesn't look like Mawi at all, I'm not surprised if they can't see the true colors of the Government, or the corruptions that take place, or the misleading of the people by the rulers, not mentioning the international affairs that always put Malaysia in disadvantage position (think about Malaysia-US FTA).

No wonder lah even the Prime Minister has its own newpapers!

Better read Bambino magazine, which tells lots of morale stories.

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