Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Living Around Penagih, Penjenayah

Read article from Harian Metro dated 9-Jan 2006, majority of 500,000 Malaysian who still haven't got their old ID cards changed to MyKad are 'penjenayah' or 'penagih'. The newspaper (or the NRD) didn't mention exactly how many of these 'penjenayah' or 'penagih', or how they define 'majority'.

Based on election-defined majority, it should be 2/3 of the total which equals to 333,333 'penjenayah' or 'penagih'. Based on company-ownership, majority is 51% which equals to 255,000 'penjenayah' or 'penagih'.

Regardless of the numbers, total 'penjenayah' or 'penagih' who haven't changed their old ID cards to MyKad equals Brunei's population. Should we factor in those who've changed their ID cards, total 'penjenayah' or 'penagih' in Malaysia may equal total popluation of Singapore! Scary, huh!!!

Br careful if you notice the person next to you still hasn't get his/her old ID card changed. He/She might be one 'penjenayah' or 'penagih'...

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