Saturday, January 01, 2011

Awesome Chenang

Arrived in Langkawi around noon Friday, took cab to the hotel in Chenang Beach and while waiting for 3pm to check-in, I strolled along Chenang Beach Road and right away I fell in love with this place. I know this place is many many more times better than Ferringhi. And I couldn't wait for the New Year parties that night.

Was met by a long-time friend whom like a brother to me, Abg Nuar, who now resides in Langkawi for a dinner at the nearby ikan bakar parlor. At around 10.30pm I was all alone to usher into the New Year but it ain't a problem to me.

The atmosphere was great. There were at least 5 resort/pubs offering some kind of New Year celebrations. Although there were lots of people on the beach but it wasn't crowded. It wasn't like the one we always see in KL. And everyone was in casual mode, wearing shorts, some guys went shirtless, ladies in parios and bikinis. Unlike in KL where people outshowing one another with designer's clothes then showing off their expensive cars. Bodo!

Met few friends while partying that night. There were bunch of guys from Satun, Thailand, who can speak Malay. So, they were my companies that night. We hang out until 5am. Even by that time, there were two pubs still having things going on, playing dance musics, and still serving foods. Awesome!

Went back to the room slightly after 5am, took a 45-minute nap and went out for a short run, my first run since 24 days ago. Ran 6.7km on the road before continuing the last 4km on the beach. The run on the beach was hard but nice with the sun started to rise and the sound of the waves. Priceless!

The rest of the day was just about laying on the beach, most of the time sleeping under the sun but cool breeze with the sound of the waves, soothing music from nearby pubs and voice of children playing with the sand on the background. Greatness!

I vouch to come back to Chenang for New Year 2012 if everything goes as planned. Now, am going back to the beach...

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