Monday, January 10, 2011

Work, study, play

work hard,
study hard,
play hard,

Alright! That's my motto or resolution or dream, whatever you want to call it, for this year.

Work hard - it's given, nothing less than that if you want to survive or excel in Emerald.

Study hard - I hope I could maintain a CGPA of at least 3.30 for two semesters this year. Sounds scary but I will do my best to achieve this.

and Play hard - I've planned to run my first Full Marathon (26.2 miles) in Sepang this April. From there onwards, I've planned to run 4 more FMs, in K.Kinabalu, Singapore (2 times) and Penang. I will also continue doing my Half Marathon (13.1 miles) races, maybe 5 times this year, in Bukit Jalil, Bidor, Seremban, Ipoh and Taiping and handful of other short races. That means hardwork hardwork and hardwork... and injury free.

and another one, if I'm fortunate enough to date someone this year, I will date hard, as well. Errr... let's change that to 'date efficiently'. Hahahah

Ok, all the best to me!

1 comment:

Nakamura Kazuki said...

assalamualaikum,.. i am a friend of Makencik and i found that ur blog is intesting and the last part is absolutely super duper interesting...yes date efficiently...hahahaha

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