Monday, January 03, 2011

Oregon Journey - BCS t-8

by Andy McNamara, Assistant Director Media Services, Football

And away we go.

Depending on who you ask, the last four weeks have either gone by at a snail's pace or like an Oregon scoring drive. I'm in the latter camp, but for some reason the eight days in front of us seem like eight weeks.

It started today as the regular travel party, plus a few additional support staff, boarded a giant Delta 767 in the Emerald Valley and ended up in the desert.

Turns out that we arrived about an hour ahead of schedule, but there were still plenty of bowl volunteers and representatives on hand to greet us, despite what had to have been a late night for most of them on Saturday with their Fiesta Bowl duties and all.

Chip Kelly was the lone speaker at the welcome press conference that took place inside a tent on the tarmac, and I counted just four regulars from the UO press corps in attendance, which led to what had to be the shortest presser in BCS title game history at 9 minutes flat.

After a police escort to the hotel, most members of our party were checked in and taking in the grounds by mid afternoon. The hotel's efficiency was put to the test as they had to turnover rooms and alter the bowl related decor from UConn to UOregon in a span of a few hours and they did a remarkable job.

Once they had a couple hours to settle in, the players and coaches got back to the business at hand, meeting and setting the tone for the week ahead. Unlike every other bowl trip in Oregon history, this one takes place during school, meaning it was a quiet, early night in Scottsdale.

Monday marks the first day of bowl week practices is also the first day of winter term. This team will undoubtedly attempt to do what they always do: Win The Day.

Go Ducks!

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