Friday, April 23, 2010

POW: The best chicken chop in JB

I didn't get to enjoy nice Johor dishes in the past week, except for Sunday when I went to ITRoo Cafe in Jalan Dhoby, JB for the best chicken chop in town. The chicken chop comes either fried or grilled and with mushroom or black pepper sauce. My favorite is fried with mushroom sauce. You may ask for additional bowl of sauce if you like lots of gravy.

At times, when my friend(s) and I were really hungry, one portion of chicken chop would not be enough. So, we would order a plate of fried rice to share among us and the fried rice is nice, too! you don't need to have sambal or any other lauk to go with the fried rice.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take the pre-eating picture of the chicken chop. I only remembered about it after finishing it all except for the skin :-p. Oh, I considered it's still lucky as if not for my cholesterol, I would have eaten everything including the skin and leaving nothing to capture. Heh!

So, I present to you the skin of the best chicken chop in JB. Look for it in Jalan Dhoby (near Masjid India or Plaza Kotaraya) in the JB city center. Enjoy!

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