Monday, April 19, 2010

102nd to 108th: About resignation and Lefthanded

There wasn't much happened last week. The earlier part of the week was centered around my resignation from Smokey Grey which was official on 12th April. Soon after, almost everyone I met asked me whether what they've heard is true? And I guess news about someone's resignation is the most sought after and talked about thing and damn it travels so fast even someone who was out of office attending training asked me to confirm the news as soon as he got back. Gila!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the resignation acceptance letter from Smokey Grey. Our HR can't release it yet as it requires the CEO's signature who was overseas last week. As soon as I got the letter, I will need to hand it to the Emerald for determination of my reporting date.

Talking about Emerald, almost (if not all) everyone I met who knew where I'm going couldn't argue that it's a better company and it'll be a good move for me. One EVP (a director equivalent) even said, "Baguslah tu, pergi pergi pergi... Smokey Grey bukan ada apa pun!" hehehe....

That's about my resignation which is interesting to tell while it's still hot but by the time I finish serving my notice period on 28th June, bosses and colleagues in Smokey Grey would puke looking at my face.

More interesting part of the week came on Saturday. It was the Lefthanded show in CT Cafe JB. I was really looking forward for the show as there wasn't much quality entertainment shows in JB and that I haven't watched the band performing live before. And it was only the second show I watched in JB in as many years since I moved here. The other show was Samson & Meet Uncle Hussain.

The show was set in ala-Hard Rock style where people were sitting at their tables eating and drinking while watching the band performing. Nash wasn't there. And I don't know who the singer was but he was ok, not bad at all. Bassist Yan was there and of course the heart of Lefthanded, Man Keedal was there.

They performed about 10-12 songs in 2 hours, songs like Ku Kehilangan Cinta 3 Dimensi (watch it here), Ku Di Halaman Rindu (watch it here), Seruan, Semangat Lamina, Debunga Wangi, Kenangan Bersamamu and a solo by Man Keedal. Then I realized Lefthanded is all about Man Keedal unlike other bands which strength lies in their vocalists. Who cares if Nash wasn't around, people still enjoyed the show unlike if there's no Amy or Awie for Search and Wings.

And I strongly believe Man Keedal can perform solo by using Lefthanded banner and people would still come to watch. In all, I really enjoyed the show, got a chance to take picture with Man Keedal and got him to autograph his Rockestra CD cover.

Now, am looking forward to watch Konsert Double Trouble Wings-Search on 1st May. Hopefully the show will not be postponed and will be one heck of a rocking performance by both bands!

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