Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jangan Pandang Belakang

Last Friday, I decided to watch midnight movie again. And, it's the second Malay movie I've watched this year (in cinema), more than the last five years combined.

But, unlike other time, I've to call my friends first before deciding to watch the movie. Not because I'm already tired or bored watching movies alone but because, I just damn scared to drive alone, especially after the movie ends - at around 1.30am.

Well, a big applause for Metrowealth and Ahmad Idham for coming out with this genre of movie. Jangan Pandang Belakang - it wasn't really scary but could give you goosebumps during certain scenes. But, I couldn't really concentrate or 'put myself into the movie' as the audience were noisy most of the times, busy commenting and giving their predictions to the ending of the story and just uttering negative words on some not-so-scary parts. Which I found it so damn FUCKING with the audience.

That's one reason, maybe, I don't like watching Malay movie in cinema. Too much unofficial, unprofessional and uncertified critics in the cinema. You can critic but do it outside, after watching the entire movie, STUPID! Read this again, STUPID!

Oppss.. back to the applause paragraph. Kudos to the producers and director!

I never like Yusof Haslam as he being a leading director/producer and who could and was in the position to enrich the local movie industry, just being profit-minded by coming out with typical love-story movies or police-action movies, one after another. For those who admire him, so sorry for saying that I think he's a coward, self-centered and selfish director who never want to try doing something different.

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sity29 said...

ehhehe ko pun ada sedikit takut ye?
heheheh aku pun.. padahal aku nengok siang.. sib baik memalam aku ada azrai teman aku tido ehhehe :P

ko tu bebaik ye.. kang tetibe die muncul kat dapur :P

yup.. aku pun benci ngan org yg buat bising tak tentu ala lam panggung.. cam bagus je!!

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