Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Going Off

Had a big meeting this morning, Q1 performance review. Not to forgotten, days of preparing for the day, last-minute changes to the presentation and logistics. And it all went through well without major hiccups and a big sigh of relief from anyone of us to sum it all.

Really looking forward for the long break beginning from tomorrow with the new King's installation. Take 2 days off from your annual leave will grant you a much needed and deserved 7-day long break.

...and Jakarta, here I come!

I'll be meeting my long lost friend - not really lost lah, we still keep in touch via sms, calls and lebaran greeting cards, but last week he wrote his first email to me and that was after 9 years since we last met in Eugene, Oregon.

I sensed that we'll have lots to catch up and told him not to reserve any hotel for me as we don't really need hotels as we'll be talking all nights, reminiscing the good old days. Anyway, I haven't put much thoughts on this trip, but he's the one who does all the arrangement from what time to catch train to Bandung to what type of room we will be checking in to. Thanks, bro!

This trip will take me to Jakarta, Bandung and Cilacap/Purwokerto. Many have heard about Jakarta and Bandung but not many have heard about Cilacap and Purwokerto. Both, located in Central-South Java, are small town where everyone practically knows each other.

Cilacap, 8 hours by train from Jakarta, is a fishing village/town while Purwokerto, I think, is a smaller-version of Jogja where everyone is pretty much laidback and near the foot of Gunung Selamat volcano. Don't know much about these two places. Wait until I come back, if ever. :-)

The fun starts tonight with another midnight movie show, Tornado, followed by live Champions League match between Liverpool and Chelsea and a 'banana leaf lunch' tomorrow with a friend and the rest of the day packing for the trip.

However, while I start to feel the excitement, I'd rather not to be too happy and will just wait until my flight takes off to Jakarta. Who knows anything could happen, especially after reading my horoscope today...

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