Monday, November 20, 2006

Pepatah Melayu Messed Up

I reported duty at a new place on Friday. As usual, you'll send email or sms to your acquaintances on your new contact details...

And I received a reply from one of my friends. He said, "...happy working in new office..."

I replied him back, "...ada pepatah kata tempat jatuh lagi dikenang..." Sure enough the new work place is nowhere close to compare to the places I've worked before, that includes the people and everything...

Few moments later, he replied again, "...ada jugak pepatah kata 'barang lepas jangan dikenang'..."

Oh no! I think the Malays have been messed themselves up even in the very beginning. Look at what happen today, even in the biggest Malay party - they're all messed up. Even the pepatah also are all messed up. Maybe there's a different between 'tempat' and 'barang' in the two pepatah...

Just think how Malays are asked to be polite and it turns out that we're in the losing side. When someone asks, "Would you like something to drink?" and you replied "It's ok" to be polite but you ended up burning your throat thirsty

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