Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Act of Kurang Ajar

I read this article from Berita Harian with anger. A very 'kurang ajar' act from Malaysia's 'kurang ajar' but the most favorite son of the government, Naza. I dont know whether the MoF will give any feedback to Naza's proposal to buy Proton. But if I'm the Minister of Finance or the PM, I would just throw the letter into the dustbin, without having to shred it for confidentiality purposes.

Why bother looking at or evaluate the letter when the government has clearly stated that Proton needs a foreign alliance, due to the reasons that (some of them) Proton could benefit from the technology transfer, Proton would have greater access to international market and Proton could benefit from the ally's worldwide procurement database for cheaper components.

And what does this 'kurang ajar' favorite son of Malaysia have to offer Proton?!

Technology transfer? Bullshit - what technology do you have from just rebadging other makes' cars into Naza logo (and with minor cosmetic changes) and claim it as national car for tax rebates and other incentives.

Access to international market? Kiss your mom's ass - how many cars you already exported and to which country?!

Access to cheaper components? Yeah you're right.. you've helped developed the local automotive industry by growing the vendors which converts into high employment, bla bla bla. Excuse me, didn't you learn history of the industry. That all started way back before 1985 with Proton.

So, I don't think government should waste their time evaluating the proposal especially when the think tanks in EPU busy spending time calculating how much equity does Bumiputra hold in Malaysia's companies.

Or, maybe the government just like to waste their time very much like what Proton Board of Directors did in the last financial year - attending 21 BOD meeting in a year!! (source: Proton Annual Report 2006). That's equivalent to almost 2 meetings a month. And I don't think the management meet that often. Or, maybe the attendance allowance is lucrative.. errr RM1,000/meeting x 21 meetings = RM21,000. Aaaaa.....

Macam lelaki mandul but volunteering himself to donate sperm to a couple yang tak dapat anak after so many years of marriage...

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Anonymous said...

"...kelompok yg pernah hentam Proton tetiba minat ambil alih. Jadi memang Proton berpotensi, cuma kasi hentam supaya harga turun, boleh beli murah. Itu hari stop dgn VW sebab niece Rafidah dapat AP VW. Sekarang nak sambung balik dgn VW. Maknanya Tun M ada betulnya..."

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