Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad Parenting Or Poor Teaching

I think several times before I decided to comment on this article. Why? First of all, I've never been a parent or a teacher. But, I've experienced good parenting cum good tuition teaching...

Ok, let's pity the kid for once... and let's just move on, it won't get the kid anywhere if we keep on pitying her.

Questions: 1) Why she did not do her homework? 2) Why, at 7-year old, she failed to write some simple Chinese words?

1) The parents failed to monitor the kid whether she has done her homework before going to the tuition class.
2) The parents failed to keep track on the progress of the kid's learning. Remember.. it's just simple Chinese words and it doesn't take a genius to teach a kid to write the words. And shouldn't the parents feel mad to the kid that she has wasted their money to pay for the tuition fees for nothing learned?
3) What's the role of the kid's school teacher (not tuition teacher) in this scenario? Shouldn't school teacher covers simple/basic stuffs and tuition teacher is the one to enrich/recap what was learned in school?

My conclusion: The guilty ones - 1) Tuition teacher, for canning the kid. He/She should just teach moderately and get tuition fees by end of the month. Most guilty ones are the parents for arguments 1 and 2 above, and the school teacher for the argument 3.

Thanks, Mak for being parent cum tuition teacher. And you should be proud of me too for saving some money by not taking up any tuition class :-)

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