Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long Life Secrets

This article was taken from NST 19th November 2006...

Somehow, this sort of articles become not just more and more attractive to me but they're my must-read articles. Just wonder if it is the 'nearing 30s syndrome', if there's any?

So, the 9 secrets, which I don't really think they're secrets anymore... maybe it's a strategy to invite people to read the article. Well... they are:

1) Strong grip... I grip very strongly on certain things and certain parts of body and on certain people :-)

2) A good education... I'm ok here, but cant really relate education to long life

3) A wife... excuse me, I would like to object! It's ok, it's just one of 9 secrets...

4) Not becoming overweight... couldn't agree more...

5) Having low blood pressure... given, I told you it's no more secret.

6) Low level of bad cholesterol... this could be the biggest secrets of all, hehehe...

7) Low blood sugar level... am I too sweet for you? :-)

8) Not drinking alcohol excessively...

9) Not smoking... err.. what about just cleaning the 'ash tray'? Remember 69?

So, keep all these secrets to yourself and have one goal in mind... to marry 20-year old girl when you're 80. Long live!!!

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