Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quitting or taking a break?

Federal Highway traffic at its worth evenn the jam starts before the toll gate.

Have yoy ever lose hope in trying to get/achieve something? That you've put on so much efforts, done so many things, compromising your life and sacrificing other things to get the thing you're pursuing?

And you got tired after a while. You told yourself, it's not worth trying that it is just not meant to be yours?

Do you quit trying or just taking a break to make a stronger comeback later?

For me now, I'm just plain tired and taking a break but not sure for how long?


sempoii said...

taking break..jangan quit la.

Anonymous said...

have faith bro...


deo said...

It's complicated. I trust in faith but whether I have the perseverance... :-(

Anonymous said...

lamaanya aku dok singgah..


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