Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Mak Jah

If you know me well enough, one of my favorite eating places for lunch is Gerai Mak Jah, which is currently located near Dewan MBSA Seksyen 27 Shah Alam.

If you want to have the bests of northern (Kedah) cuisine, you have to try eating at GMJ. My favorite is of course gulai (kari) ikan although I normally just take the gulai, not the isi. The gulai tastes like my father's!

For peeps who work or have worked in PROTON may have known GMJ since it was under a tree and of course knows Mak Jah really well. Although the business have been passed on to her daugter, Kak Piah, we still refer the place as GMJ. :-)

Yesterday, while I was there, Mak Jah was at the gerai. It is quite rare these days to see Mak Jah at the gerai since she prefers to stay at home. Talking to Mak Jah is always fun. Yesterday, she talked bout her grandchildren and their whereabouts. And Mak Jah still has good memories she could still remember, for instance, when she last saw Chaom at the gerai, which was sometimes last year.

Before I left the gerai, I asked Mak Jah to smile for the camera and she was not hesitant at all to 'strike a pose' and she was so happy to see her picture on my phone.

Right before I left the gerai Mak Jah was like extending both of her hands to salam with me, which never happened before and I gladly salam her back and I saw she was silently uttering something which I don' know what. Maybe she was praying something for me?

Anyway, thanks Mak Jah (and Kak Piah) for feeding us nice foods and this is for the album...

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