Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AJL27 prediction...

I didn't watch any of the three episodes of Muzik Muzik semifinals but got to know the 12 finalists from the internet. There are couple of songs that I've never heard of (sorry for my ignorance), but I can say that most of those qualified to the final have good (or above average) quality. Frankly, I've never heard (and don't know how the song sounds like) of Tanpamu and Lagu.

And most notably, we will see lots of newcomers or fresh faces in our entertainment industry, like Jimmy Palikat (one hit wonder, duh! and the song to me is more like BN-theme song as there is a video on youtube showing Najib Razak danced non-stop to the song in one hari raya function), then we have Amir Jahari (who the hell?!), Bed Room Sentuary (some parks or what?), RJ (Royal Jelly?), Mojo (frankly I was quiet disappointed after googling and saw the face of the vocalist! it doesn't commensurate to the 'jambu'ness of the tune of the song). The only old-timers we will spot in the final would be Azlan (& the Typewriter) and Amy Search.

These are the songs to be contested in the final, the AJL27:
Idola – Azlan & the Typewriter
Pelangi Senja – Stacy
Terukir Di Bintang – Yuna
Anak Kampung – Jimmy Palikat & One Nation Emcee
Ombak Rindu – Hafiz & Adira
Tanpamu – Amir Jahari
Lagu – Bed Room Sentuary
Teman Pengganti – Black & RJ
Ku Akui – Hafiz
Simetri – Hazama & Amy Seach
Andai Ku Bercinta Lagi – Mojo
Patah Seribu – Shila Amzah

Some of them have been my favorite local songs, namely Pelangi Senja, Ombak Rindu and Patah Seribu, which I think all three would be a chance to be one of the top-three winners. Others that may provide strong challenge probably Terukir di Bintang (it's more a laidback song but Yuna never did well in AJL - and I'm not a fan of Yuna, still remember her appearing in Fisherman's raincoat in one of the finals), Ku Akui (well, Hafiz always delivered but I think this has got to be the weakest songs from all his songs in any AJL finals), and Simetri for the prowess of the song but Amy sounds more like a back up singer here.

If I've got to choose one winner, I'd go with Pelangi Senja or Patah Seribu.

Ok ok... just one! I'd go with Pelangi Senja.

*Anugerah Juara Lagu 27 will be held on 6th January 2013

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